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Bulletstorm PC Invalid CD Key on EADM

by William Schwartz


There have been several reports of invalid CD keys on the EA Forums for the PC version of Bulletstorm.  The serial key, while valid for installation via the disc, is shown to not be valid for redemption with the EA Download Manager (EADM) for installation via download.  Early suggestions for workarounds from the EA Forum moderators included Private Messaging (PMing) the moderator the affected serial key or exchanging the affected copy of Bulletstorm at the retailer it was purchased from.

According to sources, the issue is with purchasing the Bulletstorm Limited Edition disc.  Bulletstorm LE’s serial key is not currently available for redemption via EADM.  Copies of Bulletstorm purchased through the EA Store or EADM are able to be installed via download with the EADM.  Alternatively, Bulletstorm can be purchased and installed via download with the STEAM content management system.

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