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Bulletstorm Weapons Revealed in Latest Update

by William Schwartz


Up until now we know Bulletstorm is going to be a foul mouthed, fast paced, first person shooter with alot of style.  But in the latest interview with the developers at People Can Fly and Epic Games the weapons and game modes are highlighted in video form.  Bulletstorm looks to separate itself in the crowd by meshing traditional first person mechanics with stylish kills and a wide array of weaponry at your disposal.

The latest video details these weapons and here’s what you have to look forward to.

Peace Maker Carbine (PMC)- ” A gun that can unleash a hundred bullets on your foes liquefying them into a skeleton”

The Flail Gun – ” Basically two explosives attached between a chain. You can throw it at somebody, wrap it around their neck, wrap it around their legs, kick ’em up in the air and then explode them.

Boneduster – A Four-barrel shotgun that shoots high-impact rounds with incendiary capabilities.

Bouncer – A portable cannonball launcher that barrels across the battlefield like a bowling ball.

The Mini Gun – A Gatling gun with a high rate of fire.

and more to come.

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