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Bungie wants Destiny alongside Star Wars, Lord of the Rings

by William Schwartz


If you ask Bungie, they’ve got high hopes for Destiny. Their next project is ambitious if anything. A massive world with a story of grand scope has got the company excited about their prospects for life after Halo. The multiplatform title is due to arrive in 2014, and when it does, Bungie is hoping it hits a nerve with fans. The developer is hoping that fans put Destiny in the company of intellectual properties like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

We like to tell big stories, and want people to put Destiny on that shelf

“We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny Universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars; we’ve already seen they do that with Halo. We were extremely proud of what we achieved with Halo… I’m pretty convinced we are going to do it again with Destiny in a way that maybe even Halo never achieved before,” according to Bungie’s COO Pete Parsons in an interview with Games Industry.

Parsons does think Bungie’s chances are good to do this, the executive points to the company’s past as indiciative of the future.

“We love action games, we love the shooter mechanic. We’re ambitious; we were ambitious and we brought people online with Marathon… And we successfully brought a shooter to the console and changed the way people played, and we changed it again when we brought out Halo 2 and made it online. And much of the code that was in Xbox Live at the time was code that we collaborated on with the Xbox Live team,” said Parsons. “And we did it again with in terms of bringing people together outside the game. And we did it with user created content for Halo 3. We have every intention on defining what the next generation of shooters look like – that it has a Bungie aesthetic to it to me is exactly what we want to be doing. What’s different though is we’re taking a huge, for us very logical, leap forward.”

Destiny is due to arrive in early to mid 2014 on current and next-gen platforms.

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