Attack of the Fanboy

Bungie Joins the Earthquake Relief Effort

by William Schwartz


If you haven’t taken the time to consider the maginitude of what happened in Japan last week, we implore you to think about it for a moment.  A country that is a major contributor to our community, as gamers, is in dire need of help.  Many have joined the relief efforts in one way or another.  Bungie has just announced that they are selling Quake Relief Wristbands and donating all of the proceeds directly to the Red Cross who are aiding the people who need our assisstance now, and in the coming weeks and months ahead.

So forgo that next RedBull or Starbucks Coffee and join the Bungie Community in helping those that need it right now.  It’s five bucks.  Seriously stop being stingy, the ordering process is super easy, it takes about two minutes from start to finish. And just maybe if you buy two, God will forgive you for the time you told that kid his mother had aids over Xbox Live.

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