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Bungie says Destiny is the Best Game They’ve Ever Made

by Kyle Hanson


Destiny is set to launch in just a few hours, with fans across the world excited to see what Bungie has created with this new world. Bungie’s Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague spoke with website Arabic Gamers and assured them that gamers wouldn’t be disappointed since Destiny is their best game yet. “So what we’ve done with Destiny is create a game that was as good a game as we could make,” Dauge said. “We feel this is the best game that we’ve ever made. When you think about the new technology we’ve invented for ourselves, when you think of the talent that we’ve lured into our studio from every corner of the entertainment industry, we’ve put that pressure on ourselves.”

What we’ve done with Destiny is create a game that was as good a game as we could make

Considering the source this is a pretty huge statement. Bungie has crafted some of the finest games available for over a decade. Starting with Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, Bungie became a household name among gamers. They continued making excellent Halo games, creating one of the biggest franchises in gaming history. Even before that Bungie’s games, such as the Marathon series were fascinating and enjoyed by gamers around the world. To say that Destiny is the best game the studio has ever made means they are basically saying it is one of the best games ever made period.

Despite that, given the experience the developers at Bungie have gained over the years it isn’t out of the question. Certainly the advancements in technology offered by the more powerful Playstation 4 and Xbox One have allowed Bungie to craft a much more unique experience than their last few games. The fact that it is their first non-Halo title in over ten years has also likely freed them up to explore new territory in story and gameplay.

We’ll all have to wait and find out for ourselves if Destiny truly is Bungie’s greatest game when it comes out tomorrow for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Keep an eye out for our review, which should hit later this week.

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