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Bungie strives to do better than Halo with Destiny

by William Schwartz


Destiny is a big franchise for Bungie. When their upcoming game finally arrives, it’ll be their first title outside of the Halo Universe in over a decade. Destiny could probably sell millions on the developer’s previous accomplishments alone, a recent question and answer section on Bnet explains why they won’t.

When asked by fans whether Bungie has been “blinded by previous accomplishments”, the Destiny Team explains an emphatic no.

The bar gets raised every time Bungie ships a game

“It’s important to take pride in one’s work, and we do, but I don’t see anyone here resting on their laurels. The ancients are hell-bent on outdoing themselves. The newbies are possessed with a hunger to prove that they truly deserve to keep the company into which they’ve been invited. And none of them can accept a compliment without explaining how much more work they intend to invest in their creations. The bar gets raised every time Bungie ships a game. It’s been said that the fall could kill you. You’ll be the judges of our vault.”

Bungie has yet to reveal an actual ship date for Destiny, but we’ll likely be hearing more about Destiny at E3 2013. As for the lack of Destiny intel at the moment “This journey into the world of Destiny should have some element of surprise,” says Bungie. Hopefully we’ll hear soon about when to expect the upcoming game.

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