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Advanced Warfare Xbox One multiplayer 60fps and 900p, according to recent tests

by William Schwartz


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer on Xbox One might be launching at 60 frames per second and 900p. That is, according to recent tests done by Digital Foundry on versions found of the game at EGX and Gamescom.

Tests show that the resolution on Xbox One has been bumped from the sub-900p level to 1600×900, and that the multiplayer experience is a smooth 60fps. An early report from an E3 build of the game on Xbox One told a different story, one of a game that seemingly had a hard time keeping a consistent framerate.

While that may be alright for a more intense single player story, it’s important that for multiplayer this is much more stable, and a detailed report and video analysis (below) from Digital Foundry has discovered that frame drops are indeed minimal in Advanced Warfare multiplayer on Xbox One.

The exact numbers have yet to be confirmed by Sledgehammer Games and Activision, but these test on more recent builds are certainly promising for Xbox One owners who are looking for a smooth multiplayer experience. As for the PlayStation 4? That version of the game has yet to be seen, and its unclear if Advanced Warfare on the PS4 will see a resolution boost similar to the one that Ghosts had last year.

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