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Call of Duty: Ghosts doing away with Quick Scoping Snipers

| September 6, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts doing away with Quick Scoping Snipers News  Call of Duty: Ghosts

Quick Scoping has become a popular way to play Call of Duty games in recent years. For those not familiar with the method of play, it entails running around with a Sniper Rifle, and once proficient, being able to deal quick one shot death from any range.

Traditional Quick Scoping has been changed in Call of Duty: Ghosts

With Call of Duty: Ghosts, it looks like Infinity Ward has taken this opportunity to overhaul the new sniper class called “Marksman”, as to do away with Quick Scoping.

Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin elaborated on these new mechanics via Twitter.

Update/Clarification regarding Sniper Rifles:

“One of the areas that is getting lot of love in Call of Duty: Ghosts is the Sniper Rifle. By creating the Marksman class we were able to focus the Sniper class on really powerful high-caliber weapon systems. We feel, and many of the pro players who have played would agree, that sniping has never been better.

The changes we’ve made, like dual render scopes and increased damage really make snipers a great competitive class to use. We’ve also done a lot with map design (sight lines and cover) to ensure that all classes are viably effective. Both short range and long range classes will be effective on the same maps.

However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional “quick-scoping” has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was. Can’t wait for you snipers out there to get your hands on these new sniper rifles and try them out for yourselves.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts is due out this November for current-gen and next-gen consoles, as well as PC.

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  • Whitbizzle

    Good, I hate quick scopers.

  • Jimmer

    Good news. Can’t stand that bullshit.

  • Blarg

    Great! It’ll save a lot of frustration. Shame I’m switching to BF4.


      dude bf4 is borang

  • William Melendez

    Quick scoping was fun. Made people really upset and I loved it ahahaha. I hope its not gone forever. They can’t do that to us =(

    • onceindc

      Quick scoping is basically glitching.

  • Brevs

    I love how all of the people who cant do it well enough hate it. It’s one of the only tools in the game that actually takes skill and they are removing it. It doesnt matter to me anymore. I just find it ironic.

    • DiamondDogs1

      -_- Yea it takes skill.

    • NathGamer

      Aim assist and atrocious hit boxes = 1337 SKILLZ

    • Herpaderp


  • Allen

    They are going to piss off a whole lot of people. Sure a bunch of pussy quick scoping people but still they are going to piss them off.

  • Mr. Bartlett

    Who doesn’t?

  • Facts First

    GOTY 2013 RIP BF4

    • John Smith

      Keep dreaming

  • logik893

    Good! And yes, I can quick-snipe all I want, but it takes a lot away from the online experience.

    • Brandon

      I shit on your online experience with a sniper, I make it worse when I use an assault rifle so would you rather get quickscoped 2-3 times but kill me 4-5 times or just die 6-7 times and only kill me once?

  • Jason

    Another reason I hate CoD



  • njb

    Snipers are only useful at range.

    You cant use a sniper rifle that easily realistically, the sheer weight of it alone and size would stop you being able to hip fire it and quick scoping would be impossible.

    Sniping doesnt work in COD because its to small in scale and COD is a RUn & Gun game. I loved Sniping in previous COD’s but Black Ops 1 & 2 just NO.

    WAW was the best, I liked the fact you had to earn the scopes for the boltactions.

    • VanQ

      Dude, stop with the realistic crap, the game is not realistic, its fun, and by taking away quickscoping, for alot of people, its not as fun anymore. Everyone who hates quickscoping, can’t do it, its simple. I love quickscoping, but i also love playing objectives with an smg or providing cover with AR, its all fun, so why take away a HUGE community of the game? Do you think running around crazy on a boat, diving through mid-air and spraying an assault rifle really happens? or that people just round around and chuck C4 through windows and detonate it mid flight! or do you think when people get shot up, they respawn? They have already nerfed the snipers, like they always do, because people that take the game too seriously, try wayy to hard, sneaking around and camping with target finders etc, then complain when they get quickscoped. Seriously, its way more annoying, getting killed by some guy spraying a scorpion evo, and getting a triple kill without really having to aim at all. Or by a shotgun, that someone reaches halfway across the map. Or by a pistol, that for some reason, out shoots an smg. And the worst case, is those players, who head glitch with an LMG and target finder! seriously, take that out of the game, no headglitching, and no target finder! I get what your saying about COD being too small for conventional sniping, but its still fun, and millions of people enjoy it, so why shouldnt they do it? No matter what people say, it does take skill, you have to be really accurate, have fast reaction times, and… you get one shot. If you get killed by a sniper and you allow them to get more than one shot off at you, especially at close range, then you just suck.

    • Dat_Nigga_Stevie

      y are u sing call of duty and realistically in same sentence

  • John

    I can quick scope but I choose not to, just like I choose not to run around with a Remington or B23R.

    Aim assist shouldn’t be in the game on any weapon but its not as damaging as it is on snipers.

    If we lose a portion of our community I say good riddance.

    Quick scoping is a form of exploitation which is why I don’t do it unless I’m n a private lobby.

  • Ali Hamza

    Quickscoping was fun, I hope it returns

  • Philnatic

    Those who say quickscoping takes no skill are wrong. 90% of the time the people that care about how “cheap” quickscoping is are massive tryhards. I have a question for people that try as hard as they can and care about their stats. If quickscoping is so easy and cheap and you care about your KDR why don’t you do it? Think of how many times you have killed a person trying to quickscope. Now what would have happened if they had been using the best SMG with rapid fire?

  • Corphish

    This is to everyone who hates quick scoping:

    Think about it like this, if the creators made one shot one kills to a bolt action rifles only the game would be incredibly fair. Many people who quick scope didn’t just pick up a sniper off the ground and start a kill streak, many of them such as myself had to practice all the time. I try so very hard to make every shot count because on numerous occasions I only get one shot or I die. This is because I only use bolt action snipers, it really frustrates me when someone uses a Barrett and sprays. They get more chances to get that one shot one kill with absolutely no skill. These games would be terrible and lose half of the crowd if they completely got rid of quick scoping. If you think its bullshit or easy, try making a sniper class and only using that an entire game and see if you can even get a 1.0 K/D without using your sidearm or lethals cause I assure you it is not easy.

    • RG

      I would agree with this.

      I sucked at QS. So, I have been practicing with bots until my hands hurt, and finally get the hang of it. When playing in public match, even with barely positive KD, I got so many hate mails. (I LOVE IT! hahaha)

      On a more serious note, though. For those who said “it takes no skill at all”, please take Corphish’s challenge to make sniper class and tried it out. :)

  • Brandon

    Personally I love how people complain about quickscoping. It usually just shows how bad they really are especially if a sniper can still beat you quickscoping through all of the nerfs they have did. If its so easy that a 4 year old can do it etc. etc. etc. then please give it a try. It is just as much a skill as anything else and is extremely hard to do until you get good enough at it. I can agree MW2 was a little over the top with quickscoping but really ghost isn’t even comparable to MW2. Bottom line: quit complaining and get better than them.

  • Tiredofthelies

    They are so full of shit!! Even the bots quickscope on this P.O.S. game!!

    • Jdodds1

      Notice he didn’t say quickscoping was gone, he said it’s been effected, it’s not as viable and it MIGHT be gone completely. That means it MIGHT not be too. Don’t call someone a liar after they failed to live up to the words you put in their mouth

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