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Capcom has no plans for Monster Hunter on the PS Vita

By | April 27, 2013

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Capcom has no plans to bring the popular Monster Hunter franchise to the PS Vita. While fans over on the Capcom forums are asking for the game for the handheld, a Capcom Community Specialist told fans that there are no plans “at the moment”.

“Sorry, we’ve got no plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the moment…However, MH Freedom Unite is up on the PS Store,” said Yuri Araujo.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is no substitute for a full-blown title that can take advantage of the PS Vita hardware. Araujo didn’t elaborate on why there’s no plans to bring Monster Hunter to the PS Vita, but it could be because of the smaller install base of the Vita compared to Nintendo’s 3DS.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate just recently arrived on the Nintendo 3DS.