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Cliff Bleszinski asks FEZ Creator to come back to games


In an open letter on Tumblr, industry heavyweight CliffyB has asked Phil Fish to return to games after his recent cancellation of FEZ 2, and walkout on the games industry after a recent, bitter string of abuse via Twitter.

“Never forget that the internet can be a fantastic thing, but it can also be fantastically dumb.”

“Every idiot that you outwit wins you five times the fans and that much more respect.”

“Heck, like him or not, even Piers Morgan is pretty good at fending them off.”

His closing comment is the simple request for Fish to return.

“Come back, Phil. We miss you already. Maybe I’ll be right behind you, returning with Adamantium skin.


Most certainly, AOTF would welcome Fish back with open arms along with most of the interwebs, but such a recent, violent series of events will make it a difficult decision for Fish to come back to video games.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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