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Changes coming to Xbox Live dashboard ahead of Xbox 720 release

by William Schwartz


The Xbox 360 dashboard could see a major overhaul this summer, according to a report from The Verge. Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to upgrade the dashboard of the Xbox 360, ahead of the release of the “Xbox 720”.

The update is rumored to hit beta in late-June or early-July, with the main new features being an an enhanced user interface and styling changes to make the transition between Xbox 360 and Next Gen easier for early adopters. The source told The Verge that the existing Xbox dashboard will be tweaked with smaller Live tiles, and there’s a possibility of darker or lighter themes. They also say that Xbox 360 users will be able to switch over to the new console and still interact with friends using the messaging, beacons, and achievements functionality that will be streamlined between both consoles.

From what it sounds like, the changes being made will be to ensure that players on both platforms will still be able to communicate and message on Xbox Live. If there are indeed big plans for a dashboard overhaul, we’ll likely be hearing about them in short order. We’re only days away from Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Reveal event, scheduled for May 21st.

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