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Crysis 2 Demo New Map Slips into Rotation

by William Schwartz


The Crysis 2 Demo/Beta was only slated to allow users to play one map “Skyline”.  Last night, Xbox 360 beta testers got a quick glimpse at one of the other maps for Crysis 2 multiplayer.  Pier 17 slipped into the map rotation last night, this second map for the Crysis 2 demo has since been taken out of rotation for the beta.   Having been able to play it briefly last night, I think critics of the Cry Engine 3 will soon be silenced as the level looked amazing.

It didn’t last very long, but players were given a voting feature which included skyline and pier 17.  This option is no longer available when launching a new Crysis 2 game from the demo, but hopefully it’s on it’s way back.

The lighting effects are amazing in the level which features a harbor in New York City,  the actual Pier 17 “The South Street Seaport” which features an array of boats destroyed by the alien attacks of the fictionalized Crysis 2 levels. The level features more multi-tiered gameplay with a series of abandoned buildings in disarray.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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