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Crysis 2 Editor Coming Summer ’11

by William Schwartz


Crytek has big things planned for Crysis 2 and the CryEngine 3 this summer. The mod scene surrounding Crysis will happy to know that Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, has posted an announcement that outlines plans for editing tools coming for Crysis 2 later this year. Soon after the editing tools for Crysis 2 arrive, a full SDK will be launched for CryEngine 3 in August.

What this means is that this summer you’ll have all the CryEngine goodness you can handle. With the CryEngine 3 SDK you’ll have access to everything that the engine handles, and more importantly, a competing platform to Unreal Engine 3. The SDK will be accessible by all for free, but as is standard practice, commercial releases will still need a license.

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