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Darksiders II on the Wii U explored

| September 27, 2012

Darksiders II on the Wii U explored News Nintendo  Darksiders 2

Darksiders II will launch alongside the Wii U later this year, and with it a new way to play the excellent adventure of Death on a brand new console. Awakened by the end of days, Death embarks on a quest to push back against Armageddon.

The Wii U version of Darksiders II features a bunch of content that wasn’t included in the game’s recent launch. It also makes use of the Wii U’s GamePad to offer a unique playing experience. The recently released Argul’s Tomb and Death Rides DLC will be included at launch with the Wii U version of the game.

The Wii U Gamepad offers some interesting tweaks to the Darksiders II experience. Using the new controller, players can play the game on their TV, just on the GamePad itself, or with the Wii U Pro Controller. In-game, Vigil has made use of the controller to instantly access inventory and abilities on the device.

Darksiders II will release with the Wii U on November 18th, 2012.

Darksiders II Wii U

Darksiders II Wii U Trailer

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