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DayZ 0.60 Update Brings Long Awaited New Renderer

by Kyle Hanson


DayZ has finally released the long awaited 0.60 update, which brings the game into the new DirectX 11 rendering engine. This change has been a long time in the making, with fans having to put up with bugs and glitches that have lingered since the DayZ standalone released into early access. This update is simply a first step, with it even introducing new issues for the development team to work out. However, it is a huge step for the future of the game, bringing it into an engine that is easier to work with, and will give players a lot of new stuff to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the DayZ 0.60 update isn’t fully ready for launch, so it is currently only available in experiemental branches of the game. Still, with thousands of players having waited months for this release to hit, it should get a lot of play testing done very quickly. Bohemia is asking players to give them any feedback that they can, particularly when it comes to performance problems.

“As mentioned before, for the arrival of the new renderer, the aim has been at visual parity with the old renderer, and all the guys on the team have worked hard in order to make sure that the launch of 0.60 makes an impact both in terms of performance as well as visuals, and what we hope that you’ll focus on for the 0.60 Exp. version will be subjects such as performance issues, visual bugs, U.I. functionality bugs, as well as bugs for the Central Loot Economy (loot zones and items spawns for example).”

DayZ is still in early access, having hit as a standalone product back in 2013. Since then the team has been adding new content, and trying to get the game up to the standards that were set by the initial DayZ mod. Some stuff has far surpassed that original effort, while others have lagged behind. Hopefully the change to the new rendering engine helps push things closer to a final release.

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