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Dead Rising 3 to appeal to everyone


The Dead Rising series looked as though it had taken a more serious, sombre approach to the open world zombie survival genre. At least, this was the impression that we got when we first saw Dead Rising 3 gameplay at E3. The game seemed grittier, ominous and altogether more realistic than it’s predecessors (short of a ‘Sledge Saw’ splitting a zombie in two after being hurled 2 car lengths). Fear not though DR fans, as Capcom have endeavored to make the Xbox One exclusive appealing to all gamers, including fans of the somewhat crazy prequels Dead Rising 1 and 2.

Marty Sliva, associate Editor of IGN, was able to play a 30 minute demo of Dead Rising 3 at E3 last month. His article on the IGN website goes further into detail about the different ways of playing the Xbox One launch title. Gamers have the option to play seriously, to mess around, or to kick back and experience a no-hassle sandbox mode.

Various crazy shenanigans are still very much possible in the game, sticking true to Dead Rising form. Marty mentions a flaming sword, shark costumes and traffic cone antics, while another source has already mentioned mankinis and a drivable hearse. In an attempt to draw in not only a more casual crowd, but also the more hardcore gamer, Capcom have added autosaves and removed the timer. The devoted Dead Rising fanboy will not be alienated though, as they can revert to the Nightmare mode of earlier games in the series. In this nostalgic mode, autosaves are once again emitted and players will have a limited amount of time to reach objectives and start missions before they fail entirely.

More information can be found within the IGN article, including some new information on smartphone integration and a complete lack of loading screens. So there you have it; fanboys, hardcore gamers and casual gamers can all enjoy Dead Rising 3.

Which group do you fit into? Let us know in the comments below.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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