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Dead Space 4 cancellation rumors “clearly false” says EA

by William Schwartz


Earlier today, rumors suggested that EA is canning the Dead Space franchise due to poor sales. A lengthy rumor published by videogamer detailed that the company was unhappy with sales for the third installment, had slashed funding half-way through the production of that game, and was not interested in making a fourth game.

The rumor had Visceral Games already in pre-production for the fourth installment in the franchise, prior to EA purportedly dropping the axe. It turns out that these rumors are unfounded, according to Gamasutra.

The publication suggests that EA has contacted them and denied the rumors. The publisher tells Gamasutra that the rumors are “patently false”.

So does that mean Visceral is working on Dead Space 4? That’s not confirmed either, but EA has been very forthcoming about their excitement for the Dead Space franchise to continue and even branch out into other types of game experiences.

Dead Space 3 launched last month to mixed reviews, the third person action game currently holds a 78 rank across all platforms, quite possibly lower than what EA expected for the big budget title.

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