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Destiny Raid: How to Crack The Vault of Glass‏

by William Schwartz


The biggest thing to be added to Destiny post-launch so far is the first Raid, titled Vault Of Glass which is available now. It takes players back to Venus to enter the vault and destroy the evil within. These six player cooperative raids are said to take hours of gameplay and include checkpoints if players wish to come back later. So we decided to help some players out and at least describe how to get in the vault with your fireteam.

One of the biggest questions might be the easiest, ‘How To Enter The Vault?’ Upon spawning in the Vault Of Glass Raid it is best to split into three teams of two with a full party of six players. It requires at least three players as each one will have to hold down a sync plate until it turns from red, to white. A red plate indicates that it is under Vex control. Players are basically capturing the point from them to unlock and raise the spire and open the vault.

As players control a point they are not required to stay inside it, but they are required to keep the Vex out of it. Once a point is under the players control, they are under bombardment by waves of Vex, in the form of goblins, hobgoblins, harpies and Ultra Minotaur’s. Once the players control all three points, on in front of the vault, one to the left and one on the small bridge like structure on the right, a spire will begin to form, once it does the vault will open. Good luck, and may the Travelers spirit be with you.

- This article was updated on:September 19th, 2014

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