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Destiny Servers Are Now Live

by Kyle Hanson


Bungie has announced that the servers for Destiny have gone live. This means  anyone with a copy of the game can finally start playing. As we reminded everyone earlier todayDestiny is an always-online game. Without an internet connection and the servers running it is  not playable. With the servers now running Destiny is officially ready to play for millions of gamers across the globe.

Destiny servers are live.

Some out there will be able to play the game early, either due to a store breaking street date, an early delivery in the mail, or timezone differences. No matter how you got it, the game should be playable now. Although there is no guarantee that if you got it earlier than you were supposed to that Bungie won’t drop their infamous banhammer on you so be careful.

As far as our review, it will be delayed past the release date due to Bungie holding off on starting up the servers. Until now we weren’t able to even play the game since the servers were all shut down. With them up we can begin the review process, but we will take our time to be sure you get all the facts in regards to the quality of the game. Just keep checking back and we will have it up for you toread as soon as possible.

As with any always online game there are concerns that the servers won’t hold up under all the pressure, but with 4.6 million people playing during the Destiny Beta in July it seems like Bungie might be able to handle it. We’ll find out when Destiny officially launches on September 9th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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