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Diablo III Starter Edition delayed until further notice from Blizzard

by William Schwartz


Blizzard had plans to release a “Starter Edition” for Diablo III following the release of the full game on May 15th.  It was said to give players a taste of Diablo III, much like its World of Warcraft and StarCraft II starter editions do.  Unfortunately for those that are still waiting for the free demo content to arrive, it could be a ways off.

Blizzard has updated its support site to announce that the Starter Edition of Diablo III has been delayed until further notice.  After struggling with server problems at launch, then taking necessary precautions to keep said servers up and running, this could be directly related to keeping paying customers flush with bandwidth.  Since the Starter Edition leaked during the Diablo III beta, its safe to say that its not a matter of having the Diablo III content ready to roll out on Blizzard’s end.

For those that were waiting on the Starter Edition to get your first taste of Diablo III, the only free ticket into Blizzard’s latest is through guest passes that shipped with the retail copies of the game.   You can find the full policies on the Diablo III Starter Edition and updated notification here.

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