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DICE moving on to Battlefield 4

by William Schwartz


End Game is out of the door at DICE, and with this fifth and final DLC release, Battlefield 3 is done from a developer standpoint. The team at DICE has been tweeting about the wrap-up of Battlefield 3, and the studio is now looking for a new community manager to lead the charge for Battlefield 4.

“It’s over,” said Roland Smedberg, a video director for DICE. “We’re done with BF3. Both happy and sad at the same time, but the future holds exciting things.”

These “exciting things” he’s referring to is likely Battlefield 4, but Easter Eggs that were recently uncovered in the latest Battlefield DLC could indicate that DICE is working on something else as well.

A few weeks back, EA showed off Battlefield 4 to a group of GameStop employees who came out gushing after the reveal. EA and DICE are expected to reveal this Battlefield 4 within the next few months. It’s not the biggest secret in gaming at this point, but what changes have been made to the popular shooter will be interesting to learn. And DICE’s Frostbite 2 Engine running on a more capable hardware set will certainly get fans salivating at the possibilities in the next-gen.

Battlefield 3 End Game released yesterday on the PlayStation 3, and will continue to stagger out to other platforms over the next few weeks.

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