Attack of the Fanboy

Does DICE have something else up their sleeve for Battlefield 4?

by William Schwartz


The big Battlefield 4 reveal at E3 2013 was the reintroduction to Commander Mode, a designated position in multiplayer that controls numerous aspects of the game.  Impressive as Commander Mode looked in its recent showing, it looks like DICE has more details to share in the coming weeks about the new role on the Battlefield.  Recently,  an interesting point was recently brought up on Twitter by one Battlefield 4 fan.  Battlefield 4 will feature 32 players per side, and will feature five man squads.   With one Commander per team and six five-man teams, something doesn’t add up.   There’s an extra slot available on each team, and when the question was posed to DICE, the developers have alluded to another reveal up their sleeves.

While they didn’t divulge any information about what this might be, they made sure to remind fans to “stay tuned to find out”.  Could they have another Commander-type mode up their sleeves for each team?  Or is Commander Mode deeper than what DICE has shown thus far?

DICE should have a big presence at Gamescom this year, hopefully we’ll hear more about their plans for multiplayer and the reason why the numbers don’t add up.  Battlefield 4 arrives on October 29th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  The shooter is also slated to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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