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DICE staffing up for next generation. Battlefield 4 Anyone?

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 3 developer, DICE, is currently staffing up for the next generation.  A job listing looking for a senior software engineer was recently discovered that points to the studio as readying the troops for a next-generation push on future consoles and PC.

The listing reads:  “We believe in tailoring the role for the individual but tasks might include implementing new features and workflows for content creators, keeping track of performance and memory and optimizing for current- and next gen.

While development houses are seemingly readying next generation titles, there has still been no confirmation from either Sony or Microsoft that the companies are readying next-tech.  Obviously it’s implied that they will do so, but I suppose the real question is when.  As Microsoft and Sony look to squeeze every last drop of revenue out of the current generation, rumors suggest that 2013 may be the year to expect next generation platforms.

As for DICE, if you can remember back in 2005 the company released Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on then current generation Xbox and PlayStation 2 platforms.  Shortly thereafter, the company released an updated version of the game on the Xbox 360.  Then again, by the grace of the gaming gods, DICE could be readying a next generation Mirrors Edge to many a fans delight.

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