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DICE still working to get the netcode right in Battlefield 4


It’s been roughly eight months since Battlefield 4 released. The franchise has had its launch issues in the past, but Battlefield 4 has seen persistent problems, specifically in its netcode. While DICE is still testing and tweaking BF4 in the game’s Community Testing Environment, they say that getting netcode right on the game is still a “top priority”, and more fixes to the game will be released in the coming months.

“Making improvements to the “Netcode” in Battlefield 4 has been a top priority for us. Some of the items we’ve been specifically looking at is how to decrease the feeling of getting killed when behind cover and getting killed without initially seeing a damage indicator. The improvements we did were released in June, and we’re looking at testing out additional fixes during the coming months,” reads a new post on the Battlefield Blog.

Unfortunately, it’s not just netcode that DICE has to worry about at this point. Battlefield 4 players can run into a myriad of issues any time they fire up the game, on any platform. General latency, frozen kill cameras, sound issues, rubber banding, resetting loadouts — there is no shortage of fires for DICE to put out at this point, and there’s no telling if Battlefield 4 will ever be remedied.

While it’s nice to see that DICE is making an effort in trying to get the game to an optimal state, paying customers are understandably upset about the product that they purchased. Making it worse yet, there’s another Battlefield game on the way (albeit from a different developer), and it very well could be released way before Battlefield 4 is “fixed.”

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