Dissidia Final Fantasy Won’t Have Noctis Until Final Fantasy XV Is Released

by Damian Seeto

You may have to wait until Final Fantasy XV is out before you can play as Noctis in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

As you may know already, a new Dissidia Final Fantasy game has been revealed for arcades. A lot of the famous characters are in the game such as Cloud, Lightning and more. It looks like Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis will have to wait his turn.

Several key developers for Dissidia Final Fantasy were interviewed by DengekiPhantom Swords”. This included Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama, Koei Tecmo director Takeo Kujiraoka and Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi.

Kujiraoka said if Noctis is in the game, he might have his famous Phantom Sowrd. Hayashi said it might be difficult though because Noctis can warp his sword into many forms.

It was Hayashi that was the buzz killer and said we may not see Noctis in Dissidia Final Fantasy anytime soon. He said something along the lines that it might spoil the fun of Final Fantasy XV if you can play Noctis at the arcades right after the demo just came out.

It might be a long time until people get to play Dissidia Final Fantasy anyway. The game has only been confirmed for Japanese arcades at the moment. A console release might not be happening soon. By the time Dissidia Final Fantasy is available in the West, Final Fantasy XV might have been out already.