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More DLC coming for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

by William Schwartz


Firaxis recently updated XCOM: Enemy Unknown with the “Second Wave DLC” that included a variety of new ways to play the strategy title. They’ve also released a couple of paid pieces of DLC since the game’s fall 2012 launch. One of which featured new maps and story elements in Slingshot Pack, and one that featured mostly cosmetic options for the soldiers. It appears that the developers aren’t quite done with additional content for the game, and are working on some “really awesome” DLC for the future.

Jake Solomon recently confirmed to Polygon that there is more XCOM content on the way, but that it’s “going to take some time” as it’s going to be bigger than the previous releases. “We’re working on something really awesome,” said Solomon.

Solomon didn’t reveal what this new content would consist of, nor did he pigeon hole himself into a release window either, but stay tuned for details later this year about additional expansions for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

- This article was updated on:March 24th, 2013

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