Dragon Age: Inquisition PC Patch 5 Beta Tests Party Storage, Armor Tints and Mirror of Transformation

by AOTF Staff

It’s time to return to Thedas with your Inquisitor, as Bioware is readying Dragon Age: Inquisition’s biggest patch yet. The upcoming update will bring a plethora of changes and additions, most of which have been born from the very vocal community. One of the most requested features has been storage and we’re finally going to see it implemented. Party storage is being added to the Undercroft in Skyhold. Soon you won’t have to throw away those useless but sentimental weapons from past conquests. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Bioware is adding this feature via a free patch and not locking it away in paid DLC, like Origins.

In addition to the ability to hoard even more items, a whole new area called the Black Emporium is going to appear. This underground shop is run by an “immortal proprietor” who provides a slew of various services. Rare weaponry, new schematics and previously unseen crafting materials are only the tip of the iceberg. The big draw lies within the ability to change your Inquisitor’s facial appearance and voice thanks to the Mirror of Transformation. Unfortunately, switching between races seems to be out of the question.

There’s even more bundled within this patch, such as armor tinting, but Bioware isn’t ready to spill all of the details just yet. However, it won’t be long before some of us get our first taste of what’s in store. In order to ensure that they’ve worked out all of the kinks, the team is going to open up a beta test for patch 5 to “a select group of PC players”. Beta program sign-ups will be available in the Keep at a currently unspecified time in the near future. A select few will be granted entry and provide crucial feedback to the team so that the rest of us receive the best possible experience when the patch goes live.