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Drinkbox Studios Announces Severed For PlayStation 4

by William Schwartz


Drinkbox Studios, known for their over the top Lucha Libre themed side-scrolling beat-em-up Guacamelee! was on hand at the PlayStation Experience to announce their new title coming to PlayStation 4, Severed.

The PlayStation Vita exclusive looks to be a bloody action-filled version of Fruit Ninja with slicing parts off of enemies the key point. They game is described as an RPG-light experience in first-person that allows for exploration and choice to take branching routes. This allows players to avoid hazards, solve puzzles and many other aspects of the game. The one armed heroine wields a living sword as she traverses a non-linear world filled with a variety of enemies. Players will gain abilities through the armor they gather as they progress and the combat is completely touch based, be it attacking or defending incoming attacks. Check out the trailer for the newly announced title below.

Severed is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation Vita in spring 2015.

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