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Driveclub Closed Beta Videos Make Their Way to the Public

by William Schwartz


Driveclub is running a closed beta at the moment, giving a small group of players the chance to try out the PlayStation exclusive early. One mischievous participant has decided to say “to hell with the non-disclosure agreement” and uploaded several videos showing off the game in action. The videos span two racing environments — Munnar and Nigiri Hills — in addition to different times of day with varying weather conditions. Needless to say, Driveclub looks impressive in its current state. Given the beta’s strict NDA, these five videos could be taken down any minute, leaving you readers with (possibly) only precious moments before they disappear from the net. So, without further ado, here are the aforementioned gameplay videos.

For those of us not lucky enough to make it into this closed beta will have to wait until the likely open beta kicks off. Given that we are nearly one month away from Driveclub’s release date, October 7th, we feel safe in assuming that the rest of us aren’t far off from getting behind the wheel of this game and taking it for a test drive. Stay tuned for any more information or videos that happen to find themselves out in the wild.

Source: NeoGAF

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