Driveclub on PS4 has an odd policy when it comes to PlayStation Plus

by AOTF Staff

Update: Sony has announced that they’ve changed this policy due to feedback. Those who upgrade the PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub will have access to the full game, regardless of if their subscription to PlayStation Plus lapses or not.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to a limited version of Driveclub at launch. The “free” edition comes with one location (India), with the ability for players to drive on 11 tracks in the locale, with 10 of the game’s cars, across all games modes.

To access the full game, there’s a one-time upgrade that will cost $49.99. This upgrade will then grant players access to all five locations, 55 tracks, 50 cars and all 50 tour events for the game. For those who choose to go down this try and then upgrade path, there’s an interesting caveat to the purchase.

If your PlayStation Plus account lapses, you’ll no longer have access to the game, or upgrade that you’ve paid for. This is the policy with all PlayStation Plus offerings, but it also makes the upgradeable version of Driveclub obsolete without PlayStation Plus. PlayStation fans are noticeably outraged by the news delivered today on the PlayStation Blog.

According to Chris Brown on the European PlayStation Blog: “If your PS+ Subscription lapses, you won’t be able to access the PS+ Edition. But as soon as your membership becomes active again, you can start playing right away. Basically, as long as your PS+ Subscription is active, you’ll have access to the PS+ Edition of DRIVECLUB.”

Hopefully Sony will make a change to this policy for those who do pay the $49.99 premium when the racer launches on October 7th.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018