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EA is bad at hiding Mirror’s Edge 2

by William Schwartz


Mirror’s Edge 2 has been popping up a lot lately, mostly in-part to internet sleuths digging into the databases of Electronic Arts.  A help page was recently discovered for the unannounced sequel, numerous retailers have listed the game for a future release, and most recently, EA has registered web domains for the sequel.

The domains in question were registered five years ago, but in May they were updated and moved over to servers at the publisher.  Just days away from E3 2013, it’s beginning to look like Mirror’s Edge 2 is a shoe-in candidate for being announced at the show.  And while many are banking on this announcement, some are thinking that Microsoft may have scored an exclusivity agreement with EA for Mirror’s Edge 2.

This is largely in-part to retail listings, which only listed Xbox One versions of the game.  While it’s been a rarity to see publishers like EA pass up the opportunity to make more money by releasing on all available platforms, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to see Microsoft handing out cash for rights to exclusive games for their new console.

Where and when Mirror’s Edge 2 will release seems to be the more important questions here, because as to the game’s impending announcement, that seems to be a near-certainty at this point.

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