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EA plans to top previous Battlefield Premium offering with Battlefield 4

by William Schwartz


There are a lot of shooters on the market today.  In particular, military shooters that feature very similar gameplay mechanics.  Point shoot, rinse, repeat.  With so much competition, what separates the best games from the rest of the pack?  In the case of Battlefield, it’s the games unique mixture of vehicular and infantry combat staged on massive playing fields.  The Battlefield franchise is one that fans hold near and dear, but with the game becoming such a profitable venture for EA, some have begun to wonder if the company will start churning out a new game on a yearly basis.

Regardless of whether they do so or not, EA believes that they haven’t yet hit a barrier that prohibits them from improving on the game.  In a recent interview with IGN, EA’s Frank Gibeau explains:  “We don’t feel like we’ve reached a barrier that says we’re out of ideas to innovate.  I think the idea that in real time, you knock a skyscraper down right into the middle of the level, it completely changes the whole game… We feel very confident that we’ll be able to continue to make better and better Battlefields.”

We’ll exceed that value offering and the feature set next for Battlefield 4

So what’s to stop EA from churning out a Battlefield every year?  Well for one thing, they’ve already had a lot of success with Battlefield Premium.  The subscription service extended the life of Battlefield 3 for an entire second year, and it appears that EA plans on continuing this model.  “We had a great customer response on the premium service for Battlefield 4.  You can fully expect that we’ll exceed that value offering and the feature set next time. It worked great.”

Topping last year’s Battlefield Premium offering will be no small feat for the company.  Our review of the beefed up season pass heaped a ton of praise on Battlefield Premium.  While EA has no details to share about Battlefield Premium at this time, we should be hearing more as we head towards the late-October launch of Battlefield 4.

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