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EA Has Registered A Trademark For “Need For Speed Arena”

by Dean James


EA rebooted their long running Need for Speed series last fall with a game simply titled Need for Speed. The game was decent, but definitely had its flaws, so we’ve been wondering where EA may go with the property next and now we have gotten a little tease courtesy of a trademark being registered.

There are many different ways in which we have gotten game leaks in the past and trademarks being registered has been one of the most consistent. The latest comes courtesy of a new trademark from EA with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for something known as “Need for Speed Arena.”

This new trademark was filed on November 7, so it is something completely new from EA. The trademark is for “computer game software,” so there’s no doubt that it’s a game of some sort. However, the biggest question is what kind of game exactly Need for Speed Arena would be.

The best bets would more than likely be that it’s just going to be some sort of mobile game, as the name definitely lends itself to that platform. It could also potentially be the completely new console game in the Need for Speed series that was said to be in development as well, but that’s something we’ll have to wait and see when it is announced either way.

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