EA Reveal A Range Of Battlefield Hardline’s Large Scale Multiplayer Map Events

by AOTF Staff
Battlefield Hardline PoliceBarricade

EA has recently confirmed five of the large scale, map changing, events which can occur happen whilst on Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer mode.

Destruction has always been a key selling point and fan favorite feature when it comes to the Battlefield franchise: thankfully Visceral Games’ latest game Battlefield Hardline is no exception. Keeping the same amount of destruction seems to have not crossed the developers mind, instead ramping up the amount of fun players can have. Grenade launchers will enable you to punch holes in walls big enough to walk through and gunfire or melee attacks can create small holes which are large enough to grenade into rooms. Whilst micro destruction maybe entertaining, changing the entire map is something else.

Here is a quick list of the large scale events that EA have revealed:

• Downtown – Tower Crane Collapse which opens new routes between capture points.
• Bank Job – Vault Roof Collapse which creates a new route into the heart of the Bank, the vault.
• Dust Bowl – Dust Storm which reduces engagement ranges and masks nearby sounds.
• Growhouse – Train Car Explosion which creates a new route into the grow room in the basement.
• Derailed – Train Explosion and Bridge Collapse which brings the bridge crashing into the river below, creating new driving lanes and jumps, changing the location of the capture point.

Below is a video which depicts the previously mentioned Bank Job event, as well as some explosive gameplay.