Attack of the Fanboy

EA sees no indication that next generation will end used games

by William Schwartz


Richard Hilleman of Electronic Arts played host to “The Best of 2012 D.I.C.E. Summit” panel at Pax East 2012.  During the question and answer portion of the panel, Hilleman who is known for his long-time contributions within Electronic Arts, responded to one fan’s questions about the next generation.

Hilleman explained to the concerned fan that ‘he sees no indications that the next generation will stomp out used game sales’, and that he doesn’t believe the recent rumors to be true.   Working for a large publisher, the developer believes that the power to control the used game market is better suited in the hands of the game makers, not the console manufacturers.

This comes in contrast to recent reports that Sony and Microsoft’s next generation offerings would offer protection that would end the used games market as we know it.  Hilleman did not state this information as fact, but as an industry insider at one of the biggest game publishers in the world, he might be more clued in than recent anonymous sources.

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