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EA Sports UFC Correctly Predicted UFC 175 Main Event Results

by Damian Seeto


EA Sports UFC ran a simulation of the two main event matches for UFC 175 earlier this week. It turns out the game correctly predicted who the winners were.

In the simulation, EA Sports UFC predicted that Rhonda Rousey would win over Alexis Davis to retain the Women’s Bantamweight Title. The game actually predicted that match correctly as Rousey did beat Davis. However, how she won was different. In the game, she won by submission in the second round. In the actual UFC 175 fight, she won by TKO in just 16 seconds of the first round. Rousey pretty much just took down Davis and gave her a lot of punches to the head. The referee had to stop the fight quickly.

The EA Sports UFC simulation also correctly predicted that Chris Weidman would beat Lyoto Machida for the UFC Middleweight Title. That is exactly what happened in the real fight. In the simulation however, Weidman beat Machida by TKO in the second round. In the actual UFC 175 fight, Weidman won by unanimous decision instead.

EA may have incorrectly predicted how the fights were won, but they did correctly predict both winners. This was the first simulation the company used for EA Sports UFC. We can be sure there will be more predictions made by EA for future UFC PPV events.

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