EA Sports UFC Predicts Silva vs Diaz Fight At UFC 183

by Damian Seeto

The main event for UFC 183 this weekend is Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz. EA Sports UFC predicts who will win the fight.

Anderson Silva has a lot to prove as this is his comeback fight. He suffered a very horrific leg injury several months ago that could have ended his MMA career. He is now back and ready to go.

Nick Diaz also needs to win at UFC 183 as he has lost his last two fights. The last thing he wants is to lose three times in a row. UFC 183 is his chance to show the MMA world that he’s a real contender.

The EA Sports UFC simulation predicts who might win at UFC 183. Even though it’s a video game, EA has predicted many fights in the past and have been correct sometimes. They’ve also correctly predicted NFL Super Bowl games too.

EA Sports UFC thinks the fight won’t be easy, but there will be a clear winner. Round 1 is pretty even with both Silva and Diaz landing their shots in. In Round 2, Silva ups the momentum while Diaz struggles to go for a takedown. Round 3 is where the fight ends as Silva nails Diaz with a knee against the cage. Silva gets the TKO with a ground and pound and wins the fight.

Do you think EA Sports UFC will be correct or will the actual UFC 183 event have a different scenario?