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EA Sports UFC On Sale For $29.99 At A Couple Retailers Right Now

by Dean James


Back in June, EA Sports brought us their first attempt at the UFC franchise with EA Sports UFC and was met with mostly positive reception. Coming exclusively to the now current-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the game released at the full price of $59.99 and has not been marked down much since then. However, a couple retailers have now provided one of the best sales on the game thus far.

First of all, and possibly in-stores have EA Sports UFC discounted to $29.99. This is a fantastic deal as it is 50% the regular price of the game. In turn, Amazon has also discounted the game by the same percentage to $29.99 as well, which they often do when games are marked down at other retailers.

Even at GameStop a used version of the game costs $54.99, so you will likely not found a cheaper price on the game anywhere else, especially for a brand new sealed version.

There is no indication how long this sale will last, but it would be assumed that it is at least through this coming Saturday, September 27 at Walmart. As a result, if you have any interest in this sale, it would be best to act sooner rather than later.

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