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EA’s New Star Wars Games won’t arrive until 2014


EA’s freshly inked deal with Disney to make Star Wars games isn’t going to bear any fruit for the publisher in 2013. In their quarterly conference call earlier today, the publisher revealed that they have no plans of releasing any games from this arrangement until after March 31st, 2014 (The end of the current fiscal year).

Though the company did reiterate its plans to have core studios working on the newly acquired license. DICE (Battlefield, Mirrors Edge), Visceral Games (Dead Space), and Bioware (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) will all be working on something in Star Wars universe, though no official details about what each studio was working on, specifically.

Though what it sounds like, is that EA is going to have a variety of Star Wars offerings on tap come 2014. EA’s Frank Gibeau described the new projects as “new experiences that may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.”

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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