Ed Boon Retweets Fan Joke About Injustice 2

by AOTF Staff

Earlier today Ed Boon retweeted an interesting comment regarding Injustice 2, but it seems it was just for comedic value.

In an earlier tweet via his Twitter account, Ed Boon commented regarding the slew of hero movies and trailers we have been seeing by saying the following;

“Antman, Star Wars, Batman V Superman and now a Fantastic 4 trailer…. Its HERO time!!”

This was accompanied by the new Fantastic Four trailer. Harmless tongue-in-cheek rib for fans, as we all know that Ed Boon is notorious for teasing fans so this comes as no surprise at all. Although when a fan mentioned it outright he decided to retweet it with a picture of a comic-book Batman screaming.

@noobde injustice 2 konfirmed”

Well, he certainly is joking about it, but in retrospect it is not completely off the table. Mortal Kombat X lays the groundwork for Injustice 2 as far as an engine and fighting system on next-gen platforms. So it would be completely possible that they are working on the game behind the scenes. For now sadly, I guess Ed Boon is happy with teasing fans. I personally can’t wait for Injustice 2 so I hope at some point it does get made, eventually.