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Elder Scrolls Online beta to begin in March

by William Schwartz


Invites to The Elder Scrolls Online beta will begin going out to applicants at the end of March, according to an updated FAQ on the game’s official site. Beta tests will be run with small groups in March and April, and will begin to include more and more testers as it expands in the months following.

Similar to the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, testers will be allowed to play during weekend events that will offer a taste of the game while focusing on specific elements like PvP or PvE. If you’re interested in testing out The Elder Scrolls Online, you can sign-up for the beta here.

Bethesda has been pretty quiet about The Elder Scrolls Online for quite some time. While we’ve seen bits and pieces of the game, Bethesda has yet to fully reveal what MMO fans should expect from the title. Pricing structure has yet to be announced, but it was assumed that TESO would be released in the fashion that many MMOs have been recently. Early adopters pay up front, game goes free to play within six months, it then ventures off into a field and dies cold, lonely, and hungry for micro-transaction cash.

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