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Epic Reaper featured in Gears of War: Judgment

by William Schwartz


Epic is doing something a little different in Gears of War: Judgment.   The Epic Reaper was recently introduced as a new character in Gears of Judgment multiplayer, and Epic has a plan to keep players on their toes.  Each week, one member of the Gears of War community will be chosen to be the Epic Reaper.

This character has special abilities, and according to Epic, “He’s not easy to kill”.  Doing so will earn players a Reaper medal, as well as a custom weapon skin.  Players chosen to be the Reaper will be accompanyed by the development team, who will also have the skin available to use.

Epic is hoping to get the community involved with nominating players to be the Reaper.  They are asking fans to submit player nominations via Twitter with the hashtag #GearsReaper  or to post gamertags on this thread in the Epic Games forums. 

Gears of War: Judgment is due out on March 19th, exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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