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Fallout New Vegas 2 or Fallout 4, Obsidian is ready

| February 15, 2013

Fallout New Vegas 2 or Fallout 4, Obsidian is ready News  Fallout: New Vegas Fallout 4

Bethesda is rumored to be readying Fallout 4 as the next big game out of the developer, but on the off chance that they aren’t, Obsidian Entertainment would love to do a follow-up to Fallout: New Vegas.  According to a recent interview with the CEO of the studio, they’d be interested in doing another Fallout game, as long as its kept separate from what Bethesda is working on.

In a recent interview with RPS, Feargus Urquhart talked about possible settings for sequel to New Vegas and how they’d do it if given the opportunity.

“I think if we were to do Fallout: New Vegas 2 – or just a new Fallout – we would probably seperate it from what the internal team at Bethesda’s doing.  We’d keep it on the West Coast, because we’re West Coast people.  They’re East Coast, so it makes sense.”

As for potential locations for the next game, Urquhart thinks LA could be a candidate if given the greenlight from Bethesda, saying a Fallout game in Los Angeles “could be interesting.”  The developer says that Obsidian talks to Bethesda “all the time”, but the generational transition is causing a disruption in the industry.

This disruption could be what’s keeping Bethesda from announcing their next game in the Fallout franchise, which many believe to be Fallout 4.  Rumors have been circulating about this next game for some time, with Bethesda having been rumored to be scouting locations for their next post-apocalyptic title.

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  • Frank

    God please don’t let them make Fallout 4. I don’t mind them making Fallout games, infact id love a New Vegas 2, but I don’t think they’d be able to take on a main Fallout game.

  • Cody

    I would love a Fallout game for here in Canada, maybe Ottawa or something XD rich history, and you could go places with that Nuclear Winter that Mr. New Vegas talked so much about! :D

    • Kris Wattie

      awesome idea

  • london BOOM

    • Matt Watterson

      I’d definitely play that :)

  • Bumbles

    God, please no. Obsidian… Granted the story for New Vegas was very interesting the game just fell flat compared to Fallout 3. The gun mods really weren’t that big a deal, and very few made a drastic difference. The story almost catered to taking the easy way out of missions, and just.. IDK. Something about it just didn’t sit right with me.

    I loved Fallout 1&2 and understand Obsidian has members from those development teams, but… I would rather them not develop another Fallout game. And the whole setting… They can stay on the West Coast… I could care less where the game is set. It is set in post-apocalyptic America, and there’s an entire country to be seen in ruins. No need to revist the same locations over and over. Hell, I would vote for Colorado. I want to see what’s up with that massive NORAD base in Cheynne Mountains.

    • The Unassuming Local Guy

      “The story almost catered to taking the easy way out of missions,”

      I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. Do you mean dialogue options? Being able to use persuasion instead of getting into a gunfight? That’s a hallmark of a true RPG, whereas Fallout 3 was all about just shooting things threatening you until they stopped moving.

      I enjoyed Fallout 3 for what it is, but New Vegas is the true third installment, in my mind. Bethesda lost the ability to craft games of substance years ago, opting to just drop players into a pretty world with no intellectual content or depth whatsoever. See: Skyrim.

      • You have to be joking. Skyrim is one of the deepest games ever created. Its obvious your simply biased against Bethesda for some off reason

        • The Unassuming Local Guy

          Skyrim is profoundly shallow. Go try Oblivion or Morrowind for comparison. They stripped things down so much for Skyrim that it’s not even funny. Quest journal? Nah, let’s just give players an arrow to follow. Weapon/Armor durability? Nah, let’s just make everything last forever. Complex quests requiring thought? Nah, let’s just have them stab someone and return to earn some cash. Quests you can actually fail? Nope nope nope.

          Don’t get me wrong, I still had a lot of fun with Skyrim, and logged plenty of hours on it. But it’s just not that deep of a game, compared with the rest of the series. It’s just part of a continuing downward trend, when it comes to the complexity and challenge present in video games.

          I assure you I’m not biased against Bethesda; I just don’t think they’re as good at making complex games anymore. Either that, or they’re too interested in money to care either way.

  • Matt Watterson

    Please no. I can’t take a second New Vegas, the first was atrocious :(

    • The Unassuming Local Guy

      The game I’m not looking forward to is Fallout 4. Fallout 3 was somewhat fun, but was too simplistic and violated the living shit out of the established “lore” of the series. Androids? Enclave, AFTER they were obliterated decades earlier? Please. New Vegas was a lot closer to what a proper Fallout title should be; multiple factions to work with or against, three-dimensional characters with deep and complex backstories, and difficult decisions that actually affect the world around you. In Fallout 3, morality was black and white, only a tiny handful of characters had backstories worth paying attention to at all, and the only real decision you get to make, over and over, is “BE A PSYCHO” or “BE A GOOD GUY.” Again, very black and white.

      Like it or not, Obsidian is comprised of people from the studio that originally created Fallout in the first place. They know better where the game should be set, what factions should be in play, and how the plot should work out. Fallout under Bethesda is just Oblivion with guns, set in an unrelated region, with a shoehorned, unrelated plotline, and simplistic moral concepts.

      But I’m sure Fallout 4 will be very pretty, and will likely use the same shitty, stripped-down perks system from Skyrim. It will have all nuance, tactics and any need for critical thinking stripped out of it, requiring you only to be capable of running and killing things over and over… just like Skyrim. And just like Skyrim, I’m sure it will get rave reviews and across-the-board praise by people who don’t know what an RPG is supposed to be anymore.


        True fallout fans like 3. I guess you should go back to cod.

        • The Unassuming Local Guy

          That’s funny when you consider how much closer FO3 is to being a CoD game. Operation: Anchorage, anyone?

          It’s fine if you enjoy shallow games with black-and-white morality and two-dimensional characters, but “true” Fallout fans should expect more from the series.


            Yeah because VATS is so close to cod gameplay.

      • Frank

        Like it or not, Obsidian had most of the pieces put in place by Bethesda. Had Bethesda allowed them to build something from the ground up? Well, look at Dungeon Siege 3.

        • The Unassuming Local Guy

          In terms of graphical/coding resources, yes. But that’s to be expected; it was a side game, and not something that Bethesda was going to spend a lot of money on in this department. But in terms of writing, characters, whatever else; all of that is 100% Obsidian’s work, not Bethesda’s, and that’s what’s important to me.

      • Davidoo

        …youre just jealous because Interplay got fucked with no vaseline.
        Dont believe me? Look how you go on about Skyrim. Skyrim was and is an amazing RPG. Best I played in a while after fallout.

        Stop hating and appreciate what Bethesda has done.
        Oh…and get off those benefits you dirty chav.

        • The Unassuming Local Guy

          I could give two shits what happened to Interplay, because they didn’t create Fallout; they merely published it. Black Isle created Fallout. I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t so obvious that Bethesda doesn’t know what Fallout is supposed to be, and could write stories that were actually engaging and not full of inaccuracies, contradictions and outright absurdities.

          “Dont believe me? Look how you go on about Skyrim. Skyrim was and is an amazing RPG.”

          I agree. I don’t actually think Skyrim is a bad game, because it’s not. It’s merely a very, very shallow game when you compare it to Oblivion and Morrowind, and they stripped out a lot in order to simplify the game enough to appeal to the casual crowd. It’s still a fantastic game, it’d just be better if they hadn’t removed so much in the first place.

          And chav? Sorry, but I’m neither British nor White, so I don’t know how I’d qualify as the UK’s equivalent of White Trash.

          • Ninetailzz

            Finally, another person who sees that Skyrim was a bland, easy game with no real challenge. Puzzles are basically dead. I liked Fallout 3, but New Vegas was a far better and more complex game with a story that suited the Fallout universe. Fallout 3 was the first game in the series to be set on the east coast, and it was the first one I played. Like you, I’m also unsure why the Enclave even came into play, really. But now it’s part of the lore, just like that God-awful Mothership Zeta DLC.

    • um new vegas was so much better than fallout 3 you have to be smoking something, fallout 3 had like 10 side quest new vegas had dozens, plus fallout 3 didn’t portray the super mutants the way they are in the lore.

      • The Unassuming Local Guy

        Truth be told, there shouldn’t have even been Super Mutants in FO3 at all. Supers were created by the FEV virus, which was created and refined on the West Coast, in the Mariposa Base. To have them be in FO3, Bethesda broke the lore a bit, crapping out some half-assed explanation about some of the FEV being shipped to DC for separate research. Even worse, their portrayal of the mutants was nowhere near as complex or nuanced as what you see in part 1, part 2 and New Vegas. They were just big, angry, screaming hulk monsters.

        It’s just like how there also shouldn’t have been any Enclave, as they’d been destroyed decades before, but Bethesda were too lazy to create their own new group of villains, so they just broke the lore again.

        Fallout 3 was fun and all, but the game made it clear that Bethesda don’t know what they’re doing with Fallout, and it pains me that so many people insist that Bethesda got it “right’ with part 3. They clearly know nothing about the series.


          Cry moar.

          • The Unassuming Local Guy

            Aww, shucks. Looks like I wounded somebody’s tender fanboy pride.



        • Davidoo

          Its called creativity you fucking moron…how fucking stupid can you get?….

          • The Unassuming Local Guy

            So it’s “creative” to break established canon, reduce a formerly complex faction of enemies to roaring, braindead Hulk wannabes(except Fawkes) and recycle enemies that were destroyed decades before? I could’ve sworn that was called “laziness.”

      • Terek Worley

        You just didn’t look for them….. There are tons of side quests if you look everywhere. Just about every building had some kind of quest or story. Fallout 3 is so much bigger then nv. In nv, there are more locations, but most are just a spot on the map. There are very few buildings that can be explored. And the ones you can are small. I wish they would take fallout 3 and put the weapon mechanics from nv in it. The only thing I don’t like about fallout 3, no looking down the sights. I like to kill, not let VATS kill for me.

        • Davidoo

          VATS saved my ass on more than one occassion lol

  • Fallout4Boston

    Obsidian’s Fallout compared to Bethesda’s Fallout had a tremendous diffrence, Fallout new vegas was fun yes, but still it lacked the quality of it actually being a good game. But there are so many people out there who will say ” nah man it was a good game”, -_________- no it wasn’t, Obsidian just took Bethesdas Software of their creation engine and basic platform for Fallout 3, and turned it into a giant piece of shit. So basically stating that only Bethesda, and Bethesda ALONE should be able to make Fallout game.

    • Terek Worley

      Yay! Someone with some common sense. I would be happy just to have an expantion for fo3 that brought the weapon mechanics from nv. It then would be the greatest game ever made.

  • Josh

    AND just do 2 if you want. but not la. if its on west coast make it a different city like anchorage or seattle

  • Phoenixia

    I’m hoping both make another game, I loved both, but for different reasons. Fallout 3 really captured the desolation of a post apocalyptic world, but New Vegas did a good job capturing the adaptability of human society. Personally, I enjoyed NV more, I felt like their were more styles the player could chose from and I liked hardcore mode and the varieties of ammo, and the survival stats concept; but I’d rank FO3 as right behind it.

  • BB

    to be honest, I will play Fallout from almost anywhere… Vegas, Boston, London, Buttcreek, TX… doesn’t matter.

    • I want one based in the Uk, like England, Scotland, And Wales. I know cannon is 50’s USA, but the Uk was pretty awesome around that time too. Plus if the Us and China were at war you can gurantee we were involved somewhere, so perhaps we were nuked too.

      • Tiremire

        I take it you’re from the UK yourself? Because frankly I wouldn’t want to play Fallout set in the UK even tho I’m a pretty big FO fan. I’m neither British nor American so my opinion isn’t biased. But a lot of people have demanded American games be set in different countries like England, Japan, Hungary, Russia etc. not realizing that it would only be fun for the people who are from that country or familiar with the culture. Keep games in the US IMO.

        • Yeah! Because STALKER is only fun for people from the Ukraine. *nods head*

        • klaxon01

          Totally agree; for example Skyrim was clearly a massive fail because it was only popular with people from northern Tamriel… And Sleeping Dogs? Wow not even a single copy sold outside of China!
          Dude a Fallout game set outside of the US would be so refreshing and different… in a good way! Everything would be set out differently: The architecture, the types of weapons you find, the scenery, the miscellaneous old memorabilia that’s lying about, the music. Also new lore could be written up about how there happen to be survivors in countries where the vault-tec vaults weren’t installed.
          In short, the Fallout concept, regardless of where it’s set, is and always will be awesome. I just want another game to come out!!

          • Davidoo

            No. You people dont fucking understand how Game Industry works…Gee…

          • klaxon01

            Well that escalated quickly…
            And I suppose you possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the games industry? I was just giving my opinion, so no need to get all pugnacious.
            Not all of the UK is a “wanna-be (chavs) infested blackhole”. I happen to live in London where social, economic and political diversity is rife and thus renders the place fascinating and, incontestably, one of the cultural capitals of the world.
            The winding cobbled streets of Camden contrasted with the wide open roads of Bloomsbury would make brilliant and distinctive and terrains to wander about. And beautiful Gothic cathedrals, 50’s tower blocks and Victorian and Edwardian period houses would exude such different and enthralling atmospheres.
            To sum up, the UK has a vibrant culture and history which would serve as an excellent setting for pretty much any game, as do many other countries. It’s so disappointing to see a fellow UK resident sum the nation up with such a condemning and ignorant choice of words.

        • Davidoo

          I agree.

      • Davidoo

        No…UK doesnt make an interesting setting and it never will. I live in this wanna-be (chavs) infested blackhole…why would i wanna see it in a game.

  • Milos

    please take it out of their hands – both games they did so far? Flat, boring uninteresting. Story line – (crying in the corner)(still crying in the corner) (got headache from crying so I stopped)

    • Davidoo

      Because you died on the first level….

      • majlos

        Played all fallout games trough always on hardez levels. Yes i died few times-who didnt. All im saying is that f3 was not bad but still sux way behind 1 and 2. NV is joke. Played once and regret it ever since. Never been bored that much playing game.

  • Pavle

    I don’t think that Obsidian will ever make another Fallout game. First of all, when Bethesda bought Fallout they said that they will be making more than one. Secondly, New Vegas was just Bethesda letting Obsidian tell the story that Interplay intended for F3. And thirdly Dellums stated that “there may be more of the (Three) Dog coming”, and that Bethesda allowed him to make the tweet.
    The concept artists are probably already working on Fallout 4, and the rest of the Game Studios team will get on it when they are done with Skyrim expansions.


    Everyone hated the bugfest that was new vagas and alpha protocol was horrible. Go home obsidian, you’re drunk.

    • Terek Worley

      Funny, I have played many play threes of both these games, and never once had a bug or any glitch…….must be ur system, or ur just drunk. Toss that pc and ps3 in the trash were they belong



      • Davidoo

        I understand xbox hasnt been mentioned yet because it was already in the bin years ago.

  • Dustin

    I think Obsidian would ruin what Beathersida done with the franchise. Imo. I love! Fallout 3 an new Vegas so I’m excited for what they have coming out in the future.

  • New Vegas was fucking awesome, the story line was immersive and held way more variety than 3, the character design and scripts were more lore friendly and creative, the overall style was more alive and vibrant and it was all around more challenging and rewarding than anyone ive heard it given credit for. Although, the amount of bugs were high and game crashing/quest ruining glitches were fucking ridiculous, i haven’t encountered one i couldnt work around. Im very excited for Obsidian to add more to the franchise and i hope they learn better from their mistakes transitioning to another fallout than bethesda did transitioning from dallout 3 to skyrim. I mean, oh my fucking fuck man. Im glad to see the new patches fix alot of problems that happened there, i felt like an idiot getting people excited for skyrim for it too be so ruined on release.

    • The Unassuming Local Guy

      I personally never ran into that many bugs with New Vegas. There were a few here and there, but they were small and non were game-breaking.

      Fallout 3, on the other hand, quickly took the record for being the buggiest damned game I have ever played, with glitched missions and even at least one game-breaking bug, with the game crashing every time Liberty Prime attempted to cross the first bridge in the mission to march on DC. To get around it, I had to fast travel away from the area as soon as possible, then travel back 2-3 hours later.

      I can only assume Bethesda did a better job with their bugfixes for NV than they did for 3.

  • Luke

    Id love to see a fallout from a different part of the world e.g england or japan but i love the american settings however i would really like to see a fallout 4 but as much as i love obsidian id really hope theyd be able to pull off the next MAIN installment of the fallout franchise on their own but its a great feet. I personally liked new vegas but fallout 3 was out of new vegas’ league in many fans opinion new vegas 2 would be intressting but i think everyone would like to see a fallout 4 first since the main series has took a back seat while a spin off was created

  • Lars Anderson

    Obsidian is very overrated. And New Vegas environments don’t hold a candle to what Bethesda can do. Keep Fallout 4 out of their hands.

  • Blither

    I liked Fo3 and Fnv but Fallout 3 taks the cake no contest. If they make Fallout 4 they need vegas and 3 rapt up in one package plus a lot of new stuff. I hate when they have a good game and then they make a sequel and get rid of everything from the first.

    • Anonomusss

      like when they made anything after Morrowind… perfect game on the right track, just missing modern technology and a few combat system upgrades… but no. lets rape the game with, what do you kids call it? sky-rims?

  • Wayne brookshire

    I really liked new Vegas and would love to see a 2

  • joshua

    I really enjoyed NV, took a lot of new components. Yeah it was laggy but we all know that next-gen consoles are gonna have 8-12 times more RAM for graphics than the current iterations.

    +1 to the guy that also said this, I’d be happy to play Fallout anywhere

  • hahahaHAHA

    what if both games got made and bethesda/obsidian did like a double lvl cap thing where you could take your character from one game to another and the experience system was just beefed up to support more quests and endgame stuff was like twice as insane?

  • rathbone

    no offence to america or anything but im sick of seeing games set in america id like to see games in a different country i like the fallout games but i didnt see new vegas as a proper game i just saw it more as a extension of fallout 3 yes it had a good story to it but still had same bugs that they never really fixed crashing bug never got fixed

    maybe if some of the more sociable, friendly residents a wasteland got together and tried to rebuild there town and you start as a child so you get to do your skills by acturally doing tasks as a child around to either help with easy construction of signs or helping gaurds with patrol and guarding to earn your skill points instead of using books or a machine at the start to allocate the points
    but as u get older you could be sent out to keep getting supplies or your banished for some reason and now have to survive on ur own then learn that the friendly town of people who u was raised by and helped was just a cover to hide all the bad stuff that had to happen for your town to get all the materials they did so you start out with most people hating you and u want to get back at them for all the hard they did etc


      Fallout australia?

      • Your Mom

        Fuck Australia

    • Davidoo

      Most of the industry is in the US…im getting sick of people saying things like you.

  • I’d like to see china honestly.



  • Headbudgie

    I think it’ll be announced at E3 and released along with the next gen of consoles.

  • Jesse

    I wont be playing another new vegas.

  • Zech Guy

    Stop fucking around guys. it does not matter if obsidian or Bethesda is developing it, both of them made great games and the next fallout will be great as well.

    • some guy

      yes. correct.

  • urrrborrr

    I like how Obsidian guys aren’t effectively neutered by the nonsensical corporate PR. “DON’T TELL THEM YOU’RE DEVELOPING ANOTHER ‘CALL OF DUTY’!!!11” Marketing is not really a science.

    “New Vegas” is one of the best games I’ve ever played–Fallout 3 likewise. Complaints about “bugs” seemed to be more of a meme that idiot reviewers got in their heads, as all the Bethesda games are buggy (with Skyrim, people were actually saying that they *liked* the bugs.)

    Bethesda should give the game assets to Obsidian now, if they don’t do their “Star Wars” game–Fallout 4: Skyrim will be a huge hit, and “New Vegas 2” will be too. I would play a new one every year or two, assuming the quality stays up.

  • NV>FO3

    Id love to see another Fallout by Obsidian but please don’t call it New Vegas 2 if your gonna base it somewhere else or that’d just be fucked logic. call it “Fallout LA” for example

  • That guy

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas were good. The originals were better though.
    People that played the original would find New Vegas better especially if it was on PC.
    In my opinion the story, characters should be be done by obsidian then the rest by Bethesda

  • Lewisman

    Games are usually set in America for one reason, basically everything has been americanised, so more people can relate to settings and have that familiar feeling even if they’ve never physically been there. As for the argument between FO3 and NV fanboys..they are both great games and I have invested so many hours in them it’s unbelievable, I am not biased towards either of the two. I did however feel that NVs setting got very boring at times. A desert isnt the funnest of places to explore. There were times where you could easily forget it was meant to be post apocalyptic. I also found the NV storyline to be less compelling than FO3s.

  • FO4L

    I would like to see a Fallout set in China. Getting the other side of the story about the resource wars would be cool IMO. But I think Boston or Chicago would be the most likely. I hope if it is set in the U.S. again they go into more depth about Vaul-Tec and why they had so many vault experiments if noone from the company would be around to monitor the results. As for Fallout 3 vs. New Vegas. I think 3 was a better core game but the DLC from new vegas was far superior (come on bethesda, f’ing aliens). But it doesnt matter because none of it compares (IMO) to the original Fallout and that Heroic (maybe?) Wanderer from Vault 13.

  • kozz

    is this one actually going to work on pc, rather than just crashing every two minutes, despite being patched several times. I loved NV, it was really great, and i got immersed in it for many many hours, however, this immersion just totally breaks if the game crashes for almost no reason.

  • GameDJ

    Another New Vegas? Nooooooooooo… Vegas all over again? Why not Boston like it have been planned. Not Vegas………………………….

  • Bryan King

    If Obsidian did Vegas 2 I’d wan’t the setting to be East of the Colorado River. Would be fucking sick

  • Uk

    Fallout uk would rock!!!!!

  • Greatness

    I played nv first then went and played fo3. I liked new Vegas a little better. But then I played skyrim, smh. After playing skyrim I tried playing nv and there was no point. It’s like a ps3 game vs super Mario on the first Nintendo. I traded both fo3 & nv to get skyrim. If Bethesda can somehow do for fallout what they did with skyrim as far as visually indefinitely can’t wait. It’s going to be hard seeing as fallout involves wastelands, destroyed buildings, and dirt. Still want them to try tho

  • Battista

    A true fallout fan likes all fallouts and doesn’t bash another fallout. I personally liked fallout new vegas more than fallout 3. Fallout 3 was more linear and was basically go from point A to point B. In fallout new vegas you had a whole lot more of a variety of what you could do and how the game could end, A lot of the side quests affected the outcome in the final cut scene unlike fallout 3.

  • Nick

    I honestly think a fallout in ontario would be awesome cause you could still have a nuclear winter I think changing seasons would be sick but no enclave make up a different villian like a giant force of raiders or something

  • Lynn Parnell

    You’re all funny. No matter if FO3 or NV2, you will all buy it, and play it, as will I. That said, I preferred NV.

  • Keith Flippen

    Why not remake Fallout 2 as an FPS?

  • Abram Schweikl

    Maybe the game will be set in Boston