Famitsu Highlights More Info About Final Fantasy XV

by Damian Seeto

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has loads of new information on Final Fantasy XV.

DualShockers has managed to get a hold of the latest issue of Famitsu and reported on some juicy new details about Final Fantasy XV. The website also scanned some new images from the game too.

In one of the new screenshots posted about Final Fantasy XV, Noctis sports red eyes. This could mean Noctis has a powerful dark side, although this wasn’t truly confirmed. Cooking was also a big feature from Famitsu’s coverage for the game. Not only can you create your own recipes, but eating food gives you bonuses too. It has been suggested it’s a good idea to camp and eat food in this game while you can.

The Final Fantasy XV demo will allow you to traverse many different looking environments. You will be able to explore places such as plains, forests and mountains. There will also be caves for you to enter that will have loads of monsters. The monsters that live in the caves are harder to kill. You might also stumble across some hidden treasure in the caves too.

Famistu also says the game has markers for quests that are layed out like in a MMORPG. You will also get to fight a Behemoth which is said to be challenging. Another cool note is that Noctis’ mates can revive him if his health reaches zero.

- This article was updated on February 19th, 2015