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Fans petition Kojima for return of David Hayter for Metal Gear Solid V

by William Schwartz


Last week, Hideo Kojima revealed Metal Gear Solid V at GDC. And while fans were finally shown the truth behind Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, they also learned that the iconic voice of Snake/Big Boss would not be working on the new game.

Over on, fans have started a petition to bring Hayter back to the Metal Gear franchise. The petition is looking 15,000 signatures before sending it off to Hideo Kojima, in hopes of getting him bring back David Hayter. You can find the letter to Kojima below.

“Hello, we are a group of Metal Gear fans who have set up a petition to show fan demand for the return of David Hayter as the voice of Snake in MGS V: The Phantom Pain. Please bring back David Hayter.
I understand that Mr Kojima is planning on reinventing the series, and if he wishes to do that then that’s completly fine, but I feel it would be better for him to either not make Snake the main…”

At the time of this writing, The Petition has close to 8,000 signatures.

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