Attack of the Fanboy

Watch Teens React to the NES

by Kyle Hanson


You’ve seen kids react to the Game Boy before, and sure that made you feel pretty old. But come on, they were kids. Of course they didn’t understand the wonders of a non-back-lit screen that could only produce four different shades of grey. Well, now feel even older as you watch teenagers react to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Featuring special guest Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, marvel as they are baffled by the controller and feel redeemed as they verify the merits of blowing into the cartridge.

The best part of these is always seeing the totally different reactions some of the teens have. When first presented with the NES some knew what it was while others threw out guesses like “a video player”. Later on when they actually get to play some Super Mario Bros. there were a few who felt that it was better than modern games, while others felt like they just wanted their HD TV back.

It was surprising for me to see how many had never actually played the original Super Mario Bros. With its immense popularity and how often it gets re-released you’d think everyone had played it at this point. Apparently a few kids are slipping through without experiencing this classic so Nintendo better get on the ball.

The most hurtful part was when they listed off the top-selling games at the time. Seeing so few of them recognize greats like The Legend of Zelda and Metroid just felt wrong. “It’s like the blue guy?”….ouch, you’re killing me here. But the best part, by far was the girl who had never played NES and barely knew what it was, but as she was handed the controller says “I have an iPhone case like this!” Awesome.

These are all put together by Youtube channel TheFineBros who produce a ton of reaction videos like elders reacting to the Oculus Rift and the previously mentioned Game Boy video.

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