Final Fantasy XV Demo Now Available For Type-0 HD Buyers

by Damian Seeto

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is available today and that means buyers of the game can now download the Final Fantasy XV demo.

People that have bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in North America have redeemed their codes for the Final Fantasy XV demo already. There have not been any server issues and people have been able to download and play the demo just fine.

The Final Fantasy XV demo clocks in at around 6GB to 6.5GB. The demo gives you an introduction to the game’s combat, controls, wildlife and its world. You will be roaming in an area called “Duscae”. The area is large, but will even be bigger in the full game.

You have to remember that Square Enix is only offering the Final Fantasy XV demo with early copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. You are unlikely to get the demo if you buy Type-0 HD when it gets a price drop. Square Enix is also not going to offer the demo separately.

If you bought Final Fantasy Type-0 HD early, you need to redeem your code for the Final Fantasy XV demo before March 20th, 2016. Digital copies of Type-0 HD will also have a voucher for the demo, but only if you buy the game in the first two months of sale.

The Final Fantasy XV demo and Type-0 HD is available now in North America for the PS4 and Xbox One. They will be available in Europe on March 20th.

- This article was updated on March 17th, 2015