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First South Park RPG Details Revealed

by William Schwartz


This first details about the recently announced South Park RPG have been revealed. This month’s cover game for Game Informer magazine is detailed in the magazine. The RPG which has already been revealed to be coming from Obsidian, and the first color on the RPG looks promising. The details were broken down over on NeoGaf and are as follows.

The Basics

  • The first game Parker and Stone have directly participated in, writing the script and the dialogue.
  • Parker has always preferred silent protagonists in RPG’s, so the player’s character will be silent.
  • The player’s character will be fully customizable.
  • Your character has a smartphone that acts as the primary game menu and has a facebook-like app
  • There are five classes, which are wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue, and a fifth unannounced class.
  • Obsidian is using the Dungeon Siege III engine.
  • Obsidian developed a dynamic lip-syncing tool to accommodate changes to the script.
  • Parker and Stone gave Obsidian 15 years of assets used during the show and a detailed list of approved textures and colors.
  • Critical hits, cash rewards, experience, and consumables are in the game.
  • Parker hates unskippable cutscenes.
  • The humor will be more focus on the games they have played in the past.

The Story

  • The player will play as the new kid in town, the main theme is fitting in and being accepted
  • The story begins with your character participating in a LARP, evolving into a real adventure
  • Cartman will greet your character to help you decide a class, including a non-traditional one


  • Many elements of the combat system are like Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games.
  • If player initiates combat they will attack first and vice versa
  • X button is for melee attacks, pressing it in well timed succession will result in multiple hits
  • Timed inputs occur for defense as well as for reduced damage.
  • Dynamic Camera Angles used for special attacks like a “Ro Sham Bo” attack that stuns enemies.

RPG Elements

  • Enemy encounters are viewable on the map
  • Soda is used as a health potion
  • Tweak’s coffee is a haste item
  • Multiple classes of weapons like ranged, melee, and magic
  • Weapons can be augmented with abilities like fire, poison, and electricity
  • Summon System

- This article was updated on:December 4th, 2017

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