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Forge Island arrives for Halo 4 players

by William Schwartz


Forge Island was originally slated for April 11th in an update for Halo 4, but apparently 343 Industries has decided to go ahead and release the sandbox ahead of schedule. Halo 4 players can download the content via the Xbox Live Marketplace free of charge.

This is the Forge map that Halo 4 creators have been asking for. It features the flat surfaces necessary to build truly inventive creations that can and have been used for all sorts of customizable game types. The content can be accessed by searching for “Forge Island” on the Xbox dashboard, the download is around 150 MB.

“Referred to as the ‘Great Anvils’ by UNSC personnel deployed to the southwestern peninsula of Requiem’s smallest continent, these massive sentinels tower high above the shild world’s warm tropical ocean. The geological data acquired from these islands has offered incredible fodder for Infinity Science’s Forge group, providing diverse and modifiable terrain for the War Games combat simulations,” reads the description.

So what are you waiting for? Got get.

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