Former Gears of War Dev Criticizes The Order: 1886

by Damian Seeto

Former Gears of War developer, Cliff Bleszinski, has spoken out on his first impressions on playing The Order: 1886. His comments about the game aren’t that favorable.

Bleszinski played the first hour of The Order: 1886 and already had a lot to say about it. He posted his thoughts of the the game on Twitch and DualShockers managed to capture his comments. He isn’t a huge fan of the game so far…

He first said “he wants to f**kin like it” but he felt the narrative was too forced. He is not a fan of the many QTEs as he wants to experience the combat on his own. He’s a fan of the good graphics, but he feels “the money could have been spent in some other places“.

Bleszinski then mentioned he couldn’t handle all of the cutscenes in The Order: 1886. He just played the first hour of the game and is criticizing it already. If he chooses to continue playing the game, he will have to sit through more cutscenes and will have to do a lot QTEs.

He’s a fan of the cover control gameplay. He thinks that part of the game was nailed perfectly. He just doesn’t like the bombardment of cutscenes and QTEs that are prevalent in The Order: 1886.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2015